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I once was a cat.

Oct. 1st, 2010 | 06:09 am

I know I don't write in this thing cause journals are pretty queer, but I felt like posting something today. So enjoy this simple present.

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I enjoy trolling my own server as an admin.

Mar. 16th, 2010 | 03:57 am

[03:35:07]: Dabesti: smoochy smooch
[03:35:16]: Yell: I slightly pull your hair, and nibble on your lip gently.
[03:35:29]: RedWinterWolf: ah gawd no yiffing
[03:35:54]: Yell: I lose my fingers in your hair as I spittle a bit on your chin.
[03:36:09]: JLuke2108: join my squad
[03:36:09]: CoffeeSerpent: lol whos writing the softcore into the game?
[03:36:19]: aZoNiCz: a noob
[03:36:22]: RedWinterWolf: server
[03:36:27]: RedWinterWolf: server
[03:36:31]: RedWinterWolf: aka god
[03:36:49]: CoffeeSerpent: im so hot... i want to know what happens next
[03:37:06]: Yell: I rub my bosom against your bosom, meowing sweetly into your ear.
[03:37:22]: Dkenz: you guys are sick.. lol
[03:37:23]: CoffeeSerpent: my new favorite server!
[03:37:36]: JLuke2108: red join my squad pls
[03:37:39]: aZoNiCz: god, i just pulled my @@#^ out
[03:37:43]: aZoNiCz: thanks tovu guys
[03:37:48]: CoffeeSerpent: who says you cant have your sex and violence
[03:38:19]: XerxesPL: MG36-the best for medic.AK-74u-for enginer GOL-for sniper
[03:38:44]: Yell: I'm now unbuttoning your shirt, trailing my sandpaper tongue down your face.
[03:38:49]: aZoNiCz: lmfao
[03:39:00]: CoffeeSerpent: lmao!!
[03:39:05]: XerxesPL: WTF IS THIS TITTLES?!
[03:39:05]: Dabesti: pics! we want pics
[03:39:09]: aZoNiCz: rofl
[03:39:39]: CoffeeSerpent: im so close.....
[03:39:47]: RedWinterWolf: to ^*+ming?
[03:39:55]: aZoNiCz: lol, just wanted to say that
[03:39:56]: Yell: I stop my mouth at your nipple, and slide it between the gap in my front teeth.
[03:40:04]: RedWinterWolf: lol it cencors &#^#@
[03:40:12]: RedWinterWolf: &+@^$&!
[03:40:17]: RedWinterWolf: wtf
[03:40:22]: RedWinterWolf: C
[03:40:25]: RedWinterWolf: U
[03:40:29]: RedWinterWolf: U
[03:40:34]: RedWinterWolf: M
[03:40:39]: RedWinterWolf: is cencord
[03:40:54]: CoffeeSerpent: my wifes having a heart attack
[03:41:05]: XerxesPL: i have all unlocks
[03:41:06]: RedWinterWolf: ummm.....
[03:41:17]: Yell: As my mouth finds your nipple, I work my paws down to your pants.
[03:41:23]: Dabesti: your wife is probably all wet and $==+
[03:41:28]: Dabesti: look at her $@$+$#s
[03:41:32]: CoffeeSerpent: think shes not?
[03:41:47]: Dabesti: &+$&@&#s is censored come on!
[03:41:52]: Sammiches: is she all hot n bothered
[03:41:55]: Dabesti: &=^+=*@#s
[03:42:01]: CoffeeSerpent: =*=# right!
[03:42:01]: Dabesti: *!$$$$^^$s
[03:42:18]: CoffeeSerpent: which soldier class drops kleenex?
[03:43:04]: Yell: I chew on your nipple a second more before curiosity drives me downwards.
[03:43:28]: CoffeeSerpent: oh man, this is getting hot! i better take off my shirt
[03:44:04]: Yell: I grasp your crumpled package through your black and yellow batman underwear.
[03:44:50]: XerxesPL: lol admin is pervet guy who never !@#& and never see tits...
[03:45:10]: CoffeeSerpent: arigatou toshiaki.
[03:45:35]: Yell: I slowly slip out one of your meaty sacks and rub it against my cheek.
[03:45:41]: aZoNiCz: LOL

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asfafa faf af a

Mar. 7th, 2010 | 02:46 am

Hello me, I had an entertaining conversation with someone today that usually doesn't happen with. I shall post it here. Well go ahead good sir. Thank you.

02:26] Smoke: saturday nights were invented for sleeping on them
[02:26] M®. Bigﮔ™: And us Americans using our modern genius figured out that they were better spent having fun and masturbating in groups.
[02:27] Smoke: sometimes they are
[02:27] Smoke: but usually sleep is good
[02:27] M®. Bigﮔ™: Sleep is homosexual.
[02:28] M®. Bigﮔ™: Think about it. (I've explained this three times this week.)
[02:28] M®. Bigﮔ™: What do you do.
[02:28] M®. Bigﮔ™: You crawl unto a soft little cushion in fetal position like a little pansie.
[02:28] M®. Bigﮔ™: Rest your queer little head on a fluffy pillow and cover yourself up like a 3 year old.
[02:28] M®. Bigﮔ™: Close your eyes and waste 8+ hours of your life doing ABOSFUCKINGLUTELY nothing.
[02:29] Smoke: actually i agree
[02:29] Smoke: ive been thinking that too
[02:29] Smoke: but alas
[02:29] Smoke: we have no choice
[02:30] M®. Bigﮔ™: Yes I know. But I find that I can at least prolong my awaken-ness for a good period of time.
[02:30] M®. Bigﮔ™: But anyways, that's not even the point.
[02:31] Smoke: ive tried that
[02:31] Smoke: but i always sleep a good solid 8.5 hours
[02:31] Smoke: no matter what i do
[02:31] M®. Bigﮔ™: The weekdays are for working. That's what most people do on weekdays. Work and come home tired and enjoy a small bit of liesure time and prepare for the next work day.
[02:31] M®. Bigﮔ™: Then the weekend comes around.
[02:31] M®. Bigﮔ™: It's now time to reap the rewards of a hard week's work.
[02:31] M®. Bigﮔ™: And enjoy your life to its fullest.
[02:31] Smoke: you have a point.. so find new friends and party as much as you can
[02:32] M®. Bigﮔ™: Then I come home on *my* friday night.
[02:32] M®. Bigﮔ™: And people in the living room are sleeping.
[02:32] M®. Bigﮔ™: Bedroom sleeping.
[02:32] M®. Bigﮔ™: I have to pound on my door to have the woman get up and let me in.
[02:32] M®. Bigﮔ™: And now I have to sit in this room with headphones on and try not to make a peep.
[02:32] M®. Bigﮔ™: Doing nothing.
[02:32] Smoke: you're an old fart already.. sorry but your days of crazy weekends are over buddy
[02:32] M®. Bigﮔ™: I think the problem is that I'm the only person in this house that has a 5 day week.
[02:33] Smoke: that could be it lol
[02:33] M®. Bigﮔ™: Fucking people.
[02:33] M®. Bigﮔ™: Well, I don't like to party
[02:33] Smoke: that's definitely gay
[02:33] M®. Bigﮔ™: And I don't have friends.
[02:33] Smoke: then what are you complain bout?
[02:33] M®. Bigﮔ™: But I do enjoy coming home and blasting my music and turning on a game and pwning some newbs online.
[02:33] M®. Bigﮔ™: And it annoys me that I cannot because it's hush hush 2 year old nap time in doucheville.
[02:33] Smoke: lol
[02:33] Smoke: wake em up
[02:34] Smoke: what do you care
[02:34] M®. Bigﮔ™: I woke the woman up for 3 seconds before she fell on the floor and passed back out.
[02:34] M®. Bigﮔ™: Oh yeah.
[02:34] Smoke: you see: social restraints tie you down man: they have sedated you without lifting a muscle
[02:34] M®. Bigﮔ™: Guess what I bought.
[02:34] Smoke: only making you feel guilty
[02:34] Smoke: dont you see
[02:34] Smoke: guilt is the weak man's weapon
[02:34] Smoke: what did you buy?
[02:34] Smoke: vibrator?
[02:34] M®. Bigﮔ™: I bought pancake batter in an aerosol can.
[02:34] M®. Bigﮔ™: It's called Batter Blaster.
[02:35] M®. Bigﮔ™: It's new.
[02:35] M®. Bigﮔ™: You shoot it into your pan like whipped cream.
[02:35] M®. Bigﮔ™: It's intense.
[02:35] M®. Bigﮔ™: I can't wait till the morning.
[02:35] M®. Bigﮔ™: I'm going to fucking pwn that frying pan with some aerosol-driven pancakes.
[02:35] M®. Bigﮔ™: God yes.
[02:35] Smoke: doesn't sound intense.. sounds like putting pancake batter in an aerosol can ..
[02:35] M®. Bigﮔ™: Fuck you.
[02:35] Smoke: lol
[02:36] M®. Bigﮔ™: I'll fucking hit you in the face with it.
[02:36] Smoke: at least you can play online man, my dad has jacked up internet
[02:36] Smoke: i can only play when he's gone during weekdays
[02:36] Smoke: right now i gotta go to sleep
[02:36] M®. Bigﮔ™: And you'll realize that it's the most intense thing that contains pancake batter you've ever felt hit you in the face.
[02:36] Smoke: and fix my car in morning
[02:36] M®. Bigﮔ™: He's looking up furry porn.
[02:36] M®. Bigﮔ™: But I don't blame him.
[02:36] Smoke: no man
[02:36] Smoke: he downloads russian movies and crap
[02:36] M®. Bigﮔ™: Fury porn is damn good.
[02:36] Smoke: all the time
[02:36] M®. Bigﮔ™: Furlove in Russia.
[02:36] Smoke: he's pretty inconsiderate
[02:37] Smoke: like.. even when he's making a fool of himself, just keeps right on going
[02:37] Smoke: like i said, for some people shame is only a social invention lol
[02:37] M®. Bigﮔ™: That's a beautiful story.
[02:37] Smoke: my dad one of em
[02:37] Smoke: it's better than your aerosol story
[02:37] Smoke: in a can.. ooh intenese
[02:37] M®. Bigﮔ™: No it's not you cunt.
[02:37] Smoke: dude im gonna sleep
[02:37] M®. Bigﮔ™: Wow my dad fucks himself to some Russian cock shit and I can't stand up to him and say put your cock away father I want to play Maple Story.
[02:37] M®. Bigﮔ™: Grand one, toots.
[02:38] M®. Bigﮔ™: Ok hun, night.

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asdfas fasef asef aef

Mar. 7th, 2010 | 01:34 am


Hell yeah DEVO.

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asdfasdf asdf asdf asd

Feb. 1st, 2010 | 03:51 am

Since I don't use this thing, (which quite frankly makes me proud), I'm going to update with a beautiful poem that I uploaded to my deviantarts tonight. I randomly thought it up whilst talking to someone or thing on a high of banana cheerios and green tea. That's fucking gross, man. Commander Bacon Tits is a great name, by the way.

Herdely Durdely Doo.
The Cat Pooped In My Shoe.
To Which Was Replied The Cow Went Moo.
As He Stood In The Grass Of Which He Did Chew.
Watching Merrily My Cat As He Made A Fair Poo.
Unto The Top Of The Depth Of The Breadth Of My Shoe.

Bicuriously The Cow Turned From The Meal He Did Chew.
In A Gaze Of Wide Wonder Of The Cat's Mighty Poo.
And With A Thought On His Tongue Did What A Cow Mustn't Do.
He Huffed To The Cat, "The Audacity Of You!"
To Which The Feline Replied:

"Quack Quack I'm A Duck."

Herdely Durdely Doo.


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Jul. 7th, 2009 | 10:10 pm


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Jun. 9th, 2009 | 06:53 am

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Jun. 4th, 2009 | 11:33 am

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Jun. 3rd, 2009 | 12:34 pm
Where:: The Room
Rocking:: crazycrazy
Blasting:: PENIS


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Hot Piece Of Ass

May. 29th, 2009 | 10:28 am


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